• 1 Main Exterior View
    1 Main Exterior View

Bayleaf House

The proposed design takes advantage of the environmental qualities of the site, using openness and light to create a broad range of spaces, while maintaining simplicity of form and layout.

The plan consists of two wings, pivoting on a central hearth, angled to take advantage of sunlight entry and views to the landscape. Services are grouped along the northern spine wall, leaving an open plan area where long views are possible between the kitchen, dining and lower living area, a cosy space embedded in the landscape. Centrally a stair rises dramatically through a full height void, accessing the mezzanine and first floor bedrooms. From here visual links are created both horizontally and vertically across the plan and out into the landscape.

Externally, the scheme appears as a sculptural object embedded in the landscape with ethereal and ephemeral qualities given by shimmering, astatic materials combined with a more earthy palette.

Project: Bayleaf House
Client: Undisclosed
Building type: Private house
Location: Kent