Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Set into a hillside in a former quarry, the new Yorkshire Sculpture Park Visitors Centre will include a restaurant, gallery, public foyer and shop. Textured walls have been designed to complement the existing sandstone in the area and will be used for two of the main external walls as well as one side of the gallery.

The 660m2 long single storey building will sit at the southern entrance to the park for visitors arriving from the M1. A timber glazed screen will curve around the west facade and the plan is orientated so that it provides a shelter from the motorway and provide views out across the 202-hectare park, with a sunken south-west facing terrace.

The gallery will also be distinguished from the rest of the space by a concrete sawtooth roof with translucent glass-reinforced plastic panels that will filter light to protect the artworks on show inside. It will host temporary exhibitions of work by 20th- and 21st-century artists to complement the collection in the park’s outdoor space.

Project: Bretton Country Park Visitor Centre
Location: Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield
Building Type: Gallery and Visitor Centre
Time Scale: On site 2017-2018
Budget: Approx £2.95 million
Current Status: Construction