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Abbotsbury Road

The renovation of this 1950s townhouse in Holland Park relies on a minimal number of strategic steps in order to create a modern home for an Art Director and her family. Externally the scheme remains the reflection of the neighbouring vernacular, but internally the home becomes distinctive and special.

The addition of a lower ground floor creates the much needed family living spaces and becomes the new centre of the home. An open plan layout for the kitchen, living and dining room allow the family to remain close but within their own spaces. The improved connection between these indoor areas and the garden allows the outdoor space to become a usable part of the home for the family.

To maximise natural day-lighting within the deep floor plan, a void is created at ground floor and additional glazed elements added into both elevations. As part of a complete renovation of the upper levels, the floor plans have been rationalised allowing for more generous rooms of better proportions.

Project: Abbotsbury Road
Client: Undisclosed
Building type: Residential
Location: Holland Park, London
Status: Construction
Budget: £1.0m


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