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Green Templeton College

To create an attractive learning environment and to support the success and welfare of the college community, Green Templeton commissioned improvements its main accommodation, academic and social facilities, via a design competition in 2017. Feilden Fowles’ winning proposal called for a calm, reflective and legible campus that will dignify the pursuit of academic enquiry at the college.

A masterplan looking at the whole campus, the college’s needs and the opportunities and challenges the site presents was an important first step of this project, ensuring that this development helps deliver the strategic vision for the whole site. The proposed scheme now includes student accommodation, a new dining hall, informal study spaces, a café and fitness facilities. Understanding and respecting the historic context—and not least the views to and from the iconic Radcliffe Observatory—have been fundamental to the design solution. Early consultation with the City Council, Historic England and the Oxford Design Review Panel has helped to inform and shape the development to date.

Client: Green Templeton College, University of Oxford
Location: Oxford
Building type: Education
Budget: £12m
Status: Planning


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