Pinewood School

Feilden Fowles designed a new teaching and learning centre for Pinewood School in Wiltshire following a successful competition bid in 2016. The new building, named the Hoyland, follows the orientation of the main school house, with the first floor of the larger central resource volume framing a new courtyard area, relating to the existing built fabric. The volume is tucked into the slope as to minimise impact on long views across the rural landscape whilst still providing access at the higher level of the site.

The language of the new facilities is of a more formal character at high level referencing the surrounding historical context. At the lower level, where all six classrooms are located, the building take on a playfulness with a ‘learning street’ subtly referencing and continuing the language of the treetop adventure area. Classrooms vary in character due to their location within the building; close to the forest; embedded within the slope or open towards the landscape. The building, having recently opened during the pandemic, is already a demonstrably valuable resource to the school as its generous, flexible plan has enabled a safe teaching environment.

Project: Primary school teaching and learning facilities
Location: Wiltshire
Building Type: Education
Time Scale: 2016-2020
Budget: £2.5 million
Current Status: Completed


  • 01 Location Map
  • 02 Masterplan
  • 03 Ground floor plan
  • 04 First floor plan
  • 05 Section
  • 06 Exploded axonometric


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  • 04 Site plan
  • 05 Concept
  • 06 Initial sketch
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