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Homerton Dining Hall

The dining hall design seeks to balance and harmonise the practical demands of the brief with the experiential, social and cultural qualities; from the buildings most distant approach; how it is poised within the wider college context; how it will instil a sense of arrival; defining an appropriate architectural language; what the building feels like to enter; the first thing one touches; the mood at different times of day and in different seasons; how to stimulate a sense of curiosity and enquiry; how to convey formality at times and homeliness and familiarity at others.

The new dining hall is situated within an important architectural cannon at Homerton College, a marker of today’s architectural thinking. It will celebrate the integrity and inherent beauty of materials and craftsmanship, where ornamentation is a product of the natural beauty and imperfection of hand craftsmanship, embracing new methods of construction and engineering technologies of today; an Arts and Crafts building of the 21st Century.

Client: Homerton College, University of Cambridge
Building type: Dining Hall
Location: Cambridge
Status: In construction
Budget: £8.2 million

Selected Press

September 2019 – February 2020, ‘Hand held to super scale: building with ceramics‘, exhibition at the Building Centre

October 2019, Pamela Buxton, ‘Craft Booms in the Digital Age‘, RIBA Journal


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