We believe it is critical to address the climate crisis particularly given the impact the built environment has on carbon emissions. Limiting our emissions will have a significant impact on our future and accordingly aiming toward a net zero carbon future is one way we can begin to address the problems posed by global warming. Net zero carbon means that we balance the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted with the amount we remove from our atmosphere.
Feilden Fowles have produced this report to provide the analysis, results, methods and evidence required to demonstrate that our office can be deemed net zero carbon in accordance with the UKGBC Net Zero Carbon Building Framework.
The scope considered is for operational carbon emissions only, for the period April 2019 to March 2020 (to avoid under-representative data during the lockdown periods of 2020-21 where the studio was seldom used in comparison to its usual status). Embodied (construction) emissions are not included in this analysis.
The report presents the building, energy and carbon emissions data specified in Appendix 1, the UKGBC Framework Definition. In addition to this, we also include discussion relating to if and how our office meets the qualitative characteristics of net zero carbon buildings for operational energy described by the UKGBC Framework Definition (highly energy efficient and powered by renewable energy).

See our report here.

See our third party verification report by Max Fordham here.